Meet some of the games industry’s biggest names next month at Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong

Unity, Lab Cave, Tencent, 6waves, EA and more join us for the two-day B2B expo

Meet some of the games industry’s biggest names next month at Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong

It's just over a month now until our first outing to the East with Blockchain Gamer and Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong!

Held at the Cyberport venue in association with Animoca Brands, over 500 companies and 750 delegates from all over the world will join us on the two days of July 17th and 18th, from students and indie developers to investors, big studios, publishers and global megabrands.

While we have your attention, here are a few big names you can expect to see at our conference:


The games development platform Unity returns to our conference once more for Hong Kong. It's been a busy year so far for Unity, as it continues investing into the VR and AR space and raise funds, cementing it as one of the most dominant brands in the games development space.

Lab Cave

From games developers to a mobile growth company, it has been quite a journey for Lab Cave, to which the next step in that journey is Eastward. You can find out how it made that tremendous growth into the significant games industry player it is today.


Tencent, one of the East’s leading pioneers in the games industry, will also be joining us in Hong Kong for our conference. As one of the companies that helped battle royale games surpass $2 billion on mobile, and partnering with Roblox to create opportunities for developers in China, it will always be a welcome sight at Pocket Gamer Connects.


It’s incredible when local talent supports your shows, and we’re proud to say that Hong Kong-based mobile games publisher 6waves will be doing exactly that, supporting us at Pocket Gamer Connects. Billy Chan will join a must-see panel of experts, sharing their tips on how to navigate in this era of mobile game development.

Electronic Arts

EA is one of the supergiants of the games industry with an incredible global presence. Following the success of Apex Legends, EA and Respawn plan on following in the steps of PUBG and dipping into the mobile market by porting the game to mobile devices. Also, they are responsible for four per cent of 2018’s global games revenue, further highlighting their dominance in this industry., Axie Infinity, Mythical Games, Animoca Brands and more

Wow, that’s already an impressive lineup for Pocket Gamer Connects. But what about Blockchain Gamer Connects? Well again, we have some of the biggest names in the blockchain games industry joining us in Hong Kong, such as, Mythical Games, Animoca Brands, Blockchain Cuties, Axie Infinity and many more.

Oh, and your ticket will get you into both conferences!

Not long left

Blockchain Gamer and Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong is fast approaching. Alongside our 15-track conference schedule, you’ll also find events that’ll help you network with the entire games industry, including The Very Big Indie Pitch, SpeedMatch, Investor Connector, The Global Connects Party, and our free and unlimited online meeting scheduler to help you network until you drop.

You have just over a month to sign up to join us in Hong Kong this July. Book now!

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