Mobile Games University - ASO 101: How to make the most out of your app store keywords

Improve your discoverability with keyword optimization
Mobile Games University - ASO 101: How to make the most out of your app store keywords
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Choosing the right keywords is a critical pillar of your free user acquisition plan.

When you first release your app, unless you have already made a concerted marketing push and/or paid for user acquisition, using the correct keywords for your tags can help app store users find you when they are searching for apps.

Finding the right words

There are near unlimited options for keywords, but you can only select a set amount, so you need to be certain that the words you choose are likely search terms users will type.

You can get an idea of the keywords being used through tools and services such as Sensor Tower and App Annie (See our tools and services list for more).

Below we’ve collated a number of handy resources to guide you through the processing of choosing and successfully implementing app keywords.

Figuring out the best keywords for your app
App Annie explains why keywords are the driving force behind app store optimization, and how to create the best keywords for your own app.

6 ways to optimize your App Store keywords
Chartboost speaks with The ASO Project’s Blake Pollack offers advice on ‘golden keywords’ and sticking out on the App Store.

The complete guide to choosing Google Play ASO keywords
Apptamin details three steps to selecting the right keywords for your app on Google Play, as well as more useful links to learn about the process of keyword optimisation.


How to brainstorm keywords for your app
WordData’s Evaldo Rossi provides some methods on how you could create keywords.

7 quick tips to optimize your app store keywords
WordData founder Evaldo Rossi offers some tricks to get the most out of your App Name and Keywords fields.

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