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Augmented Reality app Layar makes App Store return

Returns after three month buggy break
Augmented Reality app Layar makes App Store return

It was a testament to the developer's desire to get things right, but that didn't stop consumers complaining when augmented reality app Layar was pulled from the App Store due to consistent crashes.

Layar has been missing-in-action for almost as long as it lasted during its first run, but the company today announced that it has made a successful return to the App Store, the news delivered via Layar's official blog.

"The new Layar Reality Browser has a re-engineered engine under the hood," the company claims.

"This new engine makes the application light, stable and very quick. It is ready to handle all the current layers and it is a good base to realize all of our exciting future plans."

Layar has also added language support to expand its take-up, French, German, Dutch, and Italian all in the mix, with other languages following in future updates.

Its removal was something of a painful exercise for the publisher to undertake, CTO Dirk Groten admitting back in December that "the percentage of users with crashes has grown too justify keeping the app online".

"We don’t want our users to be confronted with an app that is unusable due to systematic crashes," he said at the time.

"We take great pride in our product and are very serious about delivering high quality to our users and our developer community."