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Bandai Namco strikes Tekken trading card deal with Fabzat

Physical trading cards can be used in-game
Bandai Namco strikes Tekken trading card deal with Fabzat

Bandai Namco has harnessed FabZat’s merchandising muscle to pump out on-demand Tekken Card Tournament trading card packs.

Over 190 physical trading cards are available, which can be used in-game to win online battles through QR codes.

Techie Tekken

Players can also take a photo of the card with their smartphone, and a 3D model of a Tekken character will join in the game through augmented reality.

Having ranked number one in app store RPG categories across nearly 150 countries, Tekken Card Tournament will now allow players to buy these trading cards in-app.

Prices range from 6 Booster Packs for $10.99, to 36 for $49.99

“We believe we’re the right partner for publishers like BANDAI NAMCO because we provide fans with a streamlined purchase path, along with high-quality merchandise – spanning from 2D merchandise like trading cards, t-shirts and phone covers to 3D printed figures and toys,” said Florent Pitoun, FabZat CEO and co-founder.

“Moreover, we enable our partners to stay true to their brand, and also bring in a new revenue stream.”