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Batman joins Arena of Valor in new update

Update also includes new deathmatch game mode and complete UI overhaul
Batman joins Arena of Valor in new update
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Internet behemoth Tencent has brought DC Comic’s popular character Batman to Area of Valor, alongside a new deathmatch game mode and a revision in the user interface.

A member of the Assassin class, Batman is a designed to complement a stealthy style of play and comes with his signature batrang and forearms blades to knock up foes.

The caped-crusader joins other DC favourites such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, The Joker and Superman in Arena of Valors roaster.

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A new Death Match mode was also launched as a part of the update which hosts five teams of two players in a colosseum-inspired map.

Combatants each have points displayed above their hero which are earned by any rival who defeats them, making a natural target out of the highest scoring heroes for a match’s underdogs.

Teams have just eight minutes to prove themselves before a match ends, which is designed to keep competition swift and rounds easy to jump into.

The update also includes Valor TV, a feature which lets players watch matches live, check event schedules or catch up on recordings from notable competitions.

Various optimisations and refinements to the game’s lobby menus, friends list and messaging systems have also been implemented.


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