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Bidalgo launches self-serve tool for optimising Google universal app campaigns

The mobile app user acquisition platform aims to help marketers grow apps
Bidalgo launches self-serve tool for optimising Google universal app campaigns
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Ad software and services provider Bidalgo has launched a self-serve solution to help marketers improve their Google universal app campaigns (UAC).

The new tool is aimed at improving creative assets by providing real-time and actionable data visualisation, along with enabling management of UAC campaigns in conjunction with all other significant channels for mobile installs.

The San Francisco-based firm believes that while Google’s move to UAC-only install campaigns has levelled the playing field for app marketers, it has taken some of the control out of their hands. It claims this has made it harder for marketers to stand out, scale and manage ad creatives effectively.

New toys

Bidalgo’s self-serve user acquisition tool comes with several features, including a creative AI dashboard, multi-channel campaign management, asset management and actionable data visualisation.

“UAC represents a revolution in the app marketing world in terms of using machine learning to get apps into the hands of paying users, and the simplicity of the system democratises the process for all app marketers,” said Bidalgo CEO Peli Beeri.

“However, while it’s now easier to start advertising on UAC, it’s more difficult for advertisers to stand out and gain a competitive edge. Bidalgo gives marketers the control they need to improve their UAC performance and outmanoeuvre the competition, while optimising spend across UAC and other channels.”

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