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Big games pull out all the stops for Halloween special events

What better time to put on a crowd-pleasing special than the unifying, international, scary spectacle that is Halloween? Here's how the big names are celebrating this year
Big games pull out all the stops for Halloween special events
  • Available now for a limited time only. Smart devs and publishers work extra hard to keep their players extra engaged
  • Here's our pick of the scariest, spookiest and superlative seasonal events up for grabs this year
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Seasonal events have fast become a mainstay in mobile gaming's quest to keep audiences engaged and entertained. They provide a great avenue for the introduction of new levels and content and - perhaps more than any other annual event - Halloween, with its unified global look and themes, is the perfect vehicle to give your game a timely re-vamp!

We’ve rounded up our top pick of the hottest and most creative ways in which the top teams are embracing the spooky season this year. Get ready for a few shocks and seasonal surprises…

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Sparkling Candies Halloween Episode

In an update released now, especially for Halloween, players can experience a variety of Halloween-themed rewards, in-game events and a new episode entitled Night of Sparkling Candies.

In the new episode players can harvest Pumpkin Candy, cook it, and then serve it to NPCs to earn episode related power-ups, currencies, pass EXP and more. There’s a new mini-game to enjoy - Hide-n-seek - which lets characters transform into a cat and be randomly designated as a Shadowtail - the hiders - or a Lighttail - the seekers - in a chase game where the aim is to be the last man standing.

Meanwhile the Shadow Piñata Event will be open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday over Halloween week. Collect light pumpkins scattered throughout Evermore and use their power of light to defeat the Shadow Effigy. Rewards for taking down the boss include Miraculous Warding Doll Chests and Piñata's Enhancement Stone Selection Bundle…
Missions will be unlocked across the event’s run with ongoing rewards including a Bat Mask Costume and Starfall Magic Tome Selection Chest.

Funovus LLC’s Merge War: Super Legion Master and Wild Castle Halloween events

On now: Funovus LLC’s Merge War: Super Legion Master is running a Jester Fiesta event through to November 2. The event unlocks after conquering World 1, Stage 18 and takes the form of a new rival appearing who specialises in misdirection, using a mysterious bomb as her adversaries draw near… Successful players will unlock priceless milestone rewards, including enlisting the Jester to continue the game as one of your allies.

Meanwhile in Wild Castle the Pumpkin Event - also running until November 2 is triggered after the completion of campaign wave 100.

Grow your castle in the Pumpkin Patch, fight off the waves of hungry monsters and reach wave 220. Level up the Soul Reaper to level 50 and watch them strike fear into your foes as you progress through waves to unlock even more trinkets, baubles, and puzzle pieces. Collect nine puzzle pieces to get a powerful boost for use back in the main campaign.

Netease reveal The Lost Light Halloween Party

Running until November 8, Lost Light players can join its Halloween Party and enjoy limited-time daily tasks and earn event coins. Players can then use these coins to redeem exclusive Halloween spray cans, avatars, various space items, and other exciting in-game rewards all free of charge. Plus there’s a Howling Lantern Weapon Skin Lucky Draw Event with prizes up for grabs.

Fire Emblem Heroes - The Merchant's Harvest

Especially for Halloween, The Merchant’s Harvest banner has brought three new characters from Engage on Switch into the mobile game for the first time (including Timerra, who arrived later than expected…)

Characters in the gacha are Seadall (Engage), Timerra (Engage), Anna (Engage), Anna (from Awakening on 3DS), Flayn (from Three Houses on Switch). Each has a Halloween outfit and comes bearing gifts, as do previous years' Halloween characters from Treat Fiends and Dragons Harvest events.

Pokémon Masters

Just for Halloween week a new story event is currently underway in classic Pokémon tradition - the appearance of characters from other incarnations of the series making special guest appearances just for Halloween. Hoenn characters (from Game Boy Advance and 3DS) Roxanee and Phoebe appear in the game and have new Halloween outfits, available in the gacha with Runerigus and Cofagrigus, ghost type Pokémon and alternate evolutions of Yamask.

Runerigus was introduced in Sword and Shield on Switch while Cofagrigus came first in Black and White on DS.

Pokémon Go

Of course, the world’s favourite AR game (for now) also features some special seasonal activity just for Halloween. Their in-game event features more common spawns of ghost Pokémon such Gastly, Litwick, Phantump.

Greavard joins Go for the first time (coming from Scarlet and Violet on Switch) and mega forms of ghost Pokemon Gengar and Banette will appear in mega raids. Completing the spooky takeover dark type Mythical Darkrai and Ultra Beast Guzzlord will be appearing in five star raids.

Monster Hunter Now

And Niantic’s new upstart smash is also getting in on the seasonal Halloween action. Just for the week, Pumpkin Armour is available to unlock through missions and in-game character Kulu-Ya-Ku will be carrying pumpkin rocks instead of plain rocks during the event.

Meanwhile the Overworld will be decked out in spooky pumpkins. Find out more here.

Zynga’s 17 game-strong Halloween blitz is on now

Zynga have pulled out all the seasonal stops for Halloween 2023 and have an incredible 17 in-game events now in progress across their portfolio.

Events were rolled starting as early as September 25 when Empires and Puzzles’ Return to Morlovia began offering a seasonal quest and daily rewards and will run until November 6. The game is also introducing three new Morlovian heroes as part of the event.

Meanwhile three different games within the FarmVille franchise are hosting Halloween events, their Game of Throne's Slots Casino gets a seasonal lift and even their latest release, Top Troops will be home to the aptly titled It’s Top Troops First-Ever Halloween Event held on the big day itself.

Other games getting scary surprise include Dragon City - Fallen Guild where players can race to unlock the High Nacrea Dragon, Golf Rival with it’s own special Halloween Challenge, and of course Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells with its Halloween at Hogwarts and Dark Arts Events.

For the full list of Zynga Halloween creatives head here.