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Big Run Studios hires former Big Fish Games senior producer Anna Rix

Rix's addition marks the expansion of a second development team
Big Run Studios hires former Big Fish Games senior producer Anna Rix
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San Francisco-based mobile developer Big Run Studios has taken on Anna Rix as its new executive producer.

After previously entering the industry through Realore Studios as a marketing director, Rix then moved to become an associate game producer at Big Fish Games.

Rix then left as a senior game producer following a decade at the firm, contributing to more than 150 titles, including Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival, Mystery Trackers, Midnight Castle and Cooking Craze.

At Big Run Studios. Rix will lead the team's vision, creation and production on a new casual competitive title, with her addition marking the expansion of a second development team.

"Cutting edge games"

"Big Run Studios’ capability of rapid prototyping combined with its admirable mission of creating cutting edge games for traditionally underserved audiences is what makes this opportunity so unique and special," said Rix.

"I empathise with our core audience of diverse female players and am excited to help lead the brand’s strategic vision and introduce new ways to play."

Big Run Studios CEO and co-founder Andrew Bell added: "We’re thrilled to have Anna’s talent on the team as we continue our momentum and positive growth. Anna’s impressive track record and expertise will further shape our game development strategy of bringing best in class casual competitive games to players worldwide in 2021 and beyond."

A promotional image of Blackout Bingo.
A promotional image of Blackout Bingo.

Outside of the currently unannounced title that Rix is working on, Big Run Studios has four games on the App Store: Blackout Bingo, Big Hearts, Big Run Solitaire and Farm Sweeper.

In November last year, Big Run Studios appointed former Glu Mobile vice-president Daren Chencinski as its new senior vice president of games.

In other job news, Japanese corporate giant Sega recently hired a new group CEO in Haruki Satomi.