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Blippar integrates with Unity

Augmented reality platform Blippar has integrated with Unity allowing AR experiences to be built with greater ease across the platform
Blippar integrates with Unity

Augmented reality creation platform Blippar has announced that it has integrated its WebAR SDK into Unity which will allow Unity developers to create AR experiences that can be published directly to any web browser.

With the addition of Blippar's Beta plug-in the goal is to make the entire process for developers far quicker saving them considerable time and effort as they will no longer need to work across multiple platforms to bring their AR experiences to life.

The integration won't only allow for new creations to be published but also pre-built projects including interactivity, 3D models, animations and effects to web AR. Users will gain the ability to run their creations through any mobile browser such as Safari or Chrome or utilise social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp and Wechat. Simply running in a browser should remove any difficulties in needing users to download an app.

Streamlined Process

Blippar CEO Faisal Galaria spoke on the new integration and the possibilities it brings saying “In an age where technology moves fast, developers need to have the best tools available and working across siloed platforms causes unnecessary delays and friction. The ease of being able to publish AR experiences direct to web from within Unity will open doors for creativity and speed, providing a new market opportunity for light client XR experiences. We’re excited about the possibilities that bringing our WebAR SDK functionality into Unity will create for developers and brands alike, and look forward to seeing what users will create with this cross-platform tool”

Blippar added that the use of lightweight AR content can be utilised by a range of industries helping to increase engagement across digital marketing and having an impact on other sectors like education, training, design and beyond. The new integration with Unity and its developers opens possibilities of populating the world with engaging experiences across the globe.

The Unity integration is downloadable on the company's website. Unity has announced their subscription prices would be increasing in October and recently senior vice presidents addressed some concerns from developers.