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Bossa Studios raises $1.35 million for new multiplayer and VR games

London Venture Partners fronts the cash
Bossa Studios raises $1.35 million for new multiplayer and VR games
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Aug 9, 2016 investment Bossa Studios London Venture Partners $1.4m

Bossa Studios has raised $1.35 million in funding to expand its operations and continue work on its next game, Worlds Adrift.

The developer will also use the money to work on new multiplayer and VR titles.

The funding comes from London Venture Partners, a prolific investment company which has previously invested in Supercell, Playfish, and Klang Games, to name a few.

Consistently innovating

"The fantastic team at Bossa, composed of veterans from landmark studios such as Bullfrog, Jagex, Ubisoft, and Playfish, has been consistently innovating with games that turn genres on their heads," said David Lau-Kee, a partner at London Venture Partners.

"It's no surprise that their latest project, Worlds Adrift, is their most ambitious yet and the one capable of completely transforming how we experience multiplayer gaming."

The studio is perhaps best known for its viral sensation Surgeon Simulator, a game which grew its audience first on PC before finding a home on mobile.


[Source: VentureBeat]