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British classic Lemmings to receive new mobile update

The update to the mobile version features new additions that breath new life into the classic action-puzzler
British classic Lemmings to receive new mobile update

Lemmings, Exient’s mobile adaptation of the landmark Amiga title, is receiving a new 1.7 version called the “Big Bang” update. The update adds new abilities to use, traps to overcome and a number of improvements to player progression for the title which was first released on iOS and Android in 2018.

Lemmings - of course - is a simple strategy-puzzle title that involves guiding the titular lemmings, who are completely oblivious to danger, to safety. Players achieve this by giving a set number of lemmings abilities which they can use to remove or bypass these obstacles.

Although originally developed by DMA Design, Lemmings has been in the hands of numerous developers throughout the years. First coming to mobile in the hands of Sad Puppy, and now developed by publisher Exient after the studio was rebranded, Lemmings successfully brought the title into the 21st century with modern mobile features to boot.

Walking towards danger

The first entry in the Lemmings series was released way back in 1991 and has since become the beginning of a world-renowned, and bestselling, franchise. It’s no surprise then that the title is still receiving updates on its mobile version. However, more than anything Lemmings represents one of the greatest contributions of the modern UK video game industry to the wider gaming world.

It should certainly be a point of pridge that, even more than 30 years later the title is still a pillar of British video game history. DMA design, the original developers, would go on to become Rockstar North, while the sadly now-closed publisher Psygnosis would also develop the famous PlayStation racing series WipeOut.

The gameplay of Lemmings, with the simple aim of guiding an oblivious creature to safety using limited resources, has influenced games on all platforms including mobile. With its fingerprints all over strategy and puzzle gaming, Exient’s mobile adaptation of the title will hopefully continue to resonate with a modern audience.