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Bungie patents hint that Destiny could be coming to mobile

Could Destiny be the latest Triple-A title heading to mobile? Recent patent information from Bungie suggests so
Bungie patents hint that Destiny could be coming to mobile
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Further evidence that Bungie could be bringing Destiny to mobile has surfaced after The Game Post spotted several patents that the studio filed for in March.

Rumors have been circling about the possible release of Destiny on mobile for some time, with it being thought that Bungie would be collaborating with majority owners NetEase to bring the game to mobile devices. NetEase has an abundance of experience and is very active in the mobile space with titles such as Diablo Immortal and Dead By Daylight Mobile.

The patents filed by Bungie are mostly regarding the controls for the game which would aim to ensure the mobile device experience feels similar to playing with an actual controller. These patents would follow a controller scheme such as we have seen in other big mobile shooter games like Call of Duty Mobile, Apex Legends, and PUBG.

Some of the patents include touchscreen controls with a virtual thumbstick to control the character, an auto sprint feature, auto-aiming, and swipe motions for performing in-game actions. These are all inputs we would expect to see when bringing a game like Destiny to mobile.

What to expect

We can expect to see more Triple-A games make their way over to mobile in the coming years. However many of the titles that have already made a home on mobile fall into the Battle Royale category or other PvP modes, like we see in Call of Duty Mobile. This raises the question that if Destiny is coming to mobile, what capacity will it be in?

Destiny is no small game and whilst mobile devices continue to become more powerful, it is unlikely we will see the full game ported over to mobile, but rather some variation of the title or its PvP crucible mode.

Back in 2018 when NetEase invested in Bungie it was stated that the partnership could help the studio explore new directions, so perhaps bringing a form of Destiny to mobile is the next step. NetEase also made our current top 50 game makers list.