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Win cash at our Nordic Game Mixer by playing Touchdown Hero

Cashplay highlighting its cash platform in situ
Win cash at our Nordic Game Mixer by playing Touchdown Hero
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Heading to Nordic Game 2015 in Malmo?

Then you'll likely be coming to our Mobile Mixer, which is taking place on the evening before the show kicks off - Tuesday 19 May from 7pm.

As with our Mixers, there'll be the usually array of free drinks and eats, not to mention plenty of opportunity to network, and a panel talk debating the future of the industry.

And thanks to our sponsor Cashplay, we'll also be offering you the chance to show off your gameplay skills and win some cold, hard cash in the process.

Cash in

This is because Cashplay is the leading provider of skill-based real-money competitive gameplay.

Using its SDK, developers can add head-to-head and tournament modes to their games, allowing players to play for kudos or real cash, generating better retention and cash for the developers in the process.

And to demonstrate this, at our Nordic Game Mobile Mixer, Cashplay will be encouraging you to play Cherry Pick Games' Touchdown Hero.

It's a simple topdown game that has you attempting to avoid the tackles and make your way into the end zone.

So get some practise in ahead of time and download the game now.

Who knows? You might be a cash winner.

You can get Touchdown Hero free from the Apple App Store and for Android here.