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CES 2012: Razer presents bizarre concept design for the ultimate PC gaming tablet

sub-$1,000 Project Fiona due late 2012
CES 2012: Razer presents bizarre concept design for the ultimate PC gaming tablet
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The direct interaction of players with touchscreen devices is one of the key reason for the sector's rapid growth.

However, that doesn't mean some companies don't hark back to more complex control methods, in the form of add-on peripherals.

Gaming hardware specialist Razer has taken the process a step further in Project Fiona - a PC gaming tablet concept - however.

Hold the port

The idea behind the concept design is to deliver a top-end PC gaming experience through a portable platform, powered by a third generation Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7 processor.

The design relies not on ports or specifically developed content but upon native PC games, which can be installed directly onto the tablet.

What's extraordinary are the two joypads - each consisting of an analog stick and four face buttons and a shoulder button  - which are build onto the sides of the tablet.

The concept design also features vibrating feedback controls, as well as a multitouch screen and accelerometer.

It will also have THX-certified Dolby 7.1 audio. 


"While multi-touch screens have become the de facto user interface for tablets, they are not the right interface for serious PC gaming," said Min-Liang Tan, CEO, Razer.

"The user interface we have designed for Project Fiona allows all existing PC games to be played right out of the box and also provides game developers new opportunities as they develop next-gen games on a highly-intuitive platform.

"Both developers and gamers are going to love the new user interface that combines the best of a gamepad, multi-touch screen and accelerometers for an all-new gaming experience on-the-go."

Of course, from the funny name to the mock up design image, this is clearly a product that's likely to evolve during its production process. 

Still, Razer says the sub-$1,000 unit will be out before the end of 2012, with developer units available soon. 

[source: Razer]