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Cheap data packages will revolutionize mobile ads, says Eric Seufert

Rovio's VP of user acquisition Eric Seufert takes to the stage at PGC Helsinki
Cheap data packages will revolutionize mobile ads, says Eric Seufert

According to Rovio’s VP of user acquisition, Eric Seufert, cheap data packages are revolutionising the mobile marketing space.

“The big theme in mobile right now is the proliferation of cheap data packages,” he began his talk at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki. “

Big data

“3G and 4G packages will grow 69 percent by the year 2020, and smartphone adoption will go to 5.9 billion.

“You can use rich media to reach audiences on mobile – the story isn’t so much smartphone adoption as growing data. Mobile data traffic will grow 120 percent in 2013 according to CTIA. Mobile data access is increasing really fast.”

This growing availability of data will drive mobile usage, but according to Seufert this usage is concentrated in apps – not exclusively in gaming.

So where is rich media taking off? Seufert points to Facebook, which boasts everything from mobile app install ads to in-app video adds.

“Facebook will have 1.34 billion mobile users in 2018. How does that affect ad revenue? Well, it’s going to grow, and so it time spent on mobile devices in minutes per day.”

Interestingly, Seufert says that mobile time spent by app type in terms of minutes per day is actually decreasing – messaging and social and entertainment is increasing,” and these are the places where rich media ads are blowing up.

Non-gaming ads raking in rich media include Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, Spotify, Twitter and Facebook.

“A lot of these two years ago were just places to spend time,” Seufert says. “Now they’re places to reach people just because they’re spending time there.”