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COPPA compliance outfit AgeCheq secures $1m in a Series A investment round

Completed via angels in less than six weeks
COPPA compliance outfit AgeCheq secures $1m in a Series A investment round
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AgeCheq has announced the closing of a Series A investment round which saw it raise $1 million from a group of angel investors.

Most of these investors are based in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C., the latter of which is hardly surprising given AgeCheq's mission to create a unified COPPA compliance ecosystem.

Speaking on the investment, AgeCheq founder and CEO Roy Smith stressed the importance of growth that this represents for the start-up.

"This financing allows us to complete the build out of our technology to handle the needs of the entire mobile app industry."

"At scale, our system will readily handle 750 million parental game approvals per day, comfortably exceeding the needs of even today’s red hot mobile game market," Smith continued.

Cheq yourself

Many in the mobile space are only passingly familiar with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which became a federal law during the Clinton administration almost 15 years ago.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is stepping up its efforts to enforce what AgeCheq refers to as "COPPA 2.0" - a new iteration of the law updated for smartphones and tablets -  which carries potential penalties of $16,000 per affected child.

At the beginning of January, Smith cautioned mobile developers and publishers not to ignore COPPA 2.0 as the FTC recently slapped Playdom with $3 million in COPPA violations.