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Cosmic One makes its return to the App Store

Frustrated developer goes through Apple's submissions process - twice
Cosmic One makes its return to the App Store

Although we've already reviewed Cosmic One, you might, if you're lucky, be seeing it again in the App Store's 'What's New' list. The reason being that the game's frustrated developer removed it from the iPhone's catalogue after Apple failed to correct a mistake it made with his original submission.

Apparently the submission date and the release date were mixed up during approval, so when the game hit the App Store, it never got near the 'What's New' list, since according to the date tag, it was a few weeks old. The designer, Ian Dunlop of oeFun got no joy from Apple in having the dates corrected (as he blogged about quite tenaciously) and in the end decided the only way to get a fair release for Cosmic One was to put it through the submissions mangle once again.

Anyway, it's back now, with a few extra miles on the clock and a great story to tell. Gosh, the politics of game distribution are fraught, eh?