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D3Publisher of America rebrands as mobile-friendly D3 Go!

Gets a mobile focus
D3Publisher of America rebrands as mobile-friendly D3 Go!

US publisher D3Publisher has announced a new label that will deal with its future activity and notably allow it to better target the mobile gaming market.

Called D3 Go!, it says the name "symbolizes our upward and onward plans to provide the best games and services for the platform, to our audience, and the properties we represent with no restrictions".

Two games - Marvel Puzzle Quest and Adventure Time Card Wars - have already been released, with the company also confirming it has a pipeline of games planned through 2015 to 2016.


As for how the new label fits into the wider corporate picture, VP of Publishing Peter Andrew pointed out that the Japanese company D3Publisher Inc remains a separate business unit.

Much of D3Publisher of America's previous business was based around localising releases from its Japanese sister; something it hopes to continue in part under the new label.

And further up the corporate ladder, all of the D3 companies remained owned by Bandai Namco.

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