ByteBrew raises $4 million in a Seed Round to provide game developers with more tools and aid growth

Seed Round participants include Konvoy, Valhalla Ventures, Node Ventures and more

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 20th, 2022 investment ByteBrew
Konvoy Ventures
ByteBrew raises $4 million in a Seed Round to provide game developers with more tools and aid growth

Mobile game analytics platform ByteBrew has raised $4 million in a Seed Round towards increasing the size of its team and providing tools to game developers seeking to grow their own companies.

Led by Konvoy, the round also saw participation from venture capital firm Valhalla Ventures, the early-stage venture fund Node Ventures, and angel investors.

User analysis and more

ByteBrew was co-founded by brothers Cameron Hozouri and Kian Hozouri, the company’s CEO and COO respectively. It made its beginnings in San Diego with its SDK and platform offering developers real-time analytics and monetisation tracking, in addition to ad attribution measurements and the monitoring of player progress to answer the question: "How do users play my game?"

ByteBrew analysed more than 600 billion user events this July alone. Live-op products by the company also enable remote configurations and testing without the need to update an app on stores.

"We built ByteBrew to redefine what is considered industry standard for game developers, so developers can stop paying for expensive services with complex integrations that leave their data siloed in multiple segmented platforms," said Kian Hozouri.

Post-investment, Konvoy principal Taylor Hurst is joining ByteBrew’s board. He commented: "It’s incredible to see what Cameron and Kian have achieved since they launched ByteBrew. They’ve changed the way mobile games developers work, allowing them to easily analyze the usability of their games in real-time and give them the ability to scale up new ideas quicker than before.

"It’s exciting to think about what ByteBrew can achieve with a bigger team behind them, and how they will inevitably become an industry leader within the mobile games analytics vertical for years to come."

ByteBrew launched an open beta last year which attracted more than 1,000 developers. By January 2022, when ByteBrew announced the launch of Push Notifications, it had more than doubled to 2,500 game developers utilising its services. Now, ByteBrew has more than 5,000 developers on the platform.

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