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deltaDNA SmartAds increases in-game ad revenue by 300%

Breaking the IAP vs advertising dichotomy
deltaDNA SmartAds increases in-game ad revenue by 300%
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The thorn in every F2P developers’ side is a tricky one to work around: how do you monetise a game that ostensibly costs nothing to boot up?

DeltaDNA has pulled the cloak off a new ad-management platform that helps advertisers answer this, and gives players the experiences they prefer by segmenting them in to two groups.

Best of both

Some players respond well to ads, others hate them. Some detest in-app purchases, others willingly blow their budgets on them. DeltaDNA’s “SmartAds” platform will help developers work out which their players are, and target accordingly.

DeltaDNA claims that this dynamic ad mediation approach will increase in-game ad revenues by around 300 percent, allowing developers to maximize CPM income.

Through SmartAds, developers will be able to access over 120 ad networks through a single SDK and set up ad placements within the game using the deltaDNA campaign manager.

“With the SmartAds extension, users become masters of their own data with a holistic view of the entire game economy in one environment,” said deltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson in a statement.

“Our segmentation tools ensure each player gets the right experience. We know novice players love ads, but expert players hate them so let’s give players the experience they deserve through effective use of ads and IAP.

“The super cool thing is that our data shows higher ad revenues come from improved relevancy, which in turn preserves player engagement levels and even increases review ratings, so it truly is a virtuous circle where the player and developer both win.”