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Develop:Brighton opens submissions for Indie Showcase

10 developers will get a chance to show off their game at the event
Develop:Brighton opens submissions for Indie Showcase

Develop:Brighton has opened submissions for its eighth annual Indie Showcase.

The free-to-enter contest is open to studios that employ no more than 15 staff. To be eligible to win studios and games must not be publisher-funded and games cannot be published by a third-party at the time of submission.

A panel of judges will award 10 showcase spots at the event to the best submissions. At the show itself two winners will be selected, the overall winner by the judges and the People’s Choice by attendees.

Judges for the Indie Showcase are:

  • Alistair Aitcheson - Indie Developer, Alistair Aitcheson Games (Judging panel chair)
  • Bruce Slater - Indie Developer, Radical Forge
  • Phil Gaskell - Director, Ripstone
  • Korina Abbott - Indie Videogame Marketeer, KAGames
  • Andrew Smith - Indie Developer, Spilt Milk Studios
  • Romana Ramzan - Lecturer in Games Design, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Katie Goode - Director, Triangular Pixels

Develop: Brighton will take place from July 10th to 12th. The winner of the Indie Showcase will be announced on Thursday, July 12th.

Indie spectacle

"Exhibiting games to press, publishers and our fellow creatives is so valuable to us all as indie developers,” said Indie Showcase judging panel chair Alistair Aitcheson.

“The exposure and prestige of being in the Indie Showcase will no doubt create exciting opportunities for the selected finalists. I was part of the judging panel last year, and the quality of the games and the ambition behind them was so inspiring.

“I'm delighted to have been invited to chair the judging committee this year, and I'm so excited to see what this year's submissions have to offer! Good luck to everyone who enters.”

On top of the Indie Showcase, we’re set to host the Big Indie Pitch at Develop:Brighton on Tuesday, July 10th. You can find out more details about the event right here.

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