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Devil May Cry’s Dante is coming to Street Fighter: Duel

Dante will join the game's roster as part of the upcoming Devil Invasion event
Devil May Cry’s Dante is coming to Street Fighter: Duel

Crunchyroll Games has announced a new event, Devil Invasion, in the hit game Street Fighter: Duel, introducing Devil May Cry hero Dante to the roster.

Acting as a crossover with Devil May Cry 5, the event will see Street Fighter antagonist M.Bison working to harness the dark power of a mysterious tree, with Dante teaming up with the series’ heroes to stop him. Players can unlock Dante as a playable character, utilising his ability to transform into a demon in battle.

Throughout the event, players can collect two new forms of currency, Demon Soulstones and Demon Stats, to trade in for power ups or cosmetic items such as avatars.


Street Fighter: Duel is the first mobile game in the franchise, and has benefitted from the series’ impressive pedigree, topping the charts in both the United States and United Kingdom.

Devil Invasion marks the second crossover between Street Fighter: Duel and another Capcom franchise following March’s crossover with Monster Hunter. Both expansions come after the games worldwide success following its release outside of its native China

Despite being the world’s most profitable and popular gaming platform, mobile’s mass appeal with casual players doesn’t necessarily translate into the same level of passion and enthusiasm enjoyed by other platforms. Crossover events such as Devil Invasion not only bring Street Fighter to the attention of new audiences, but open up additional revenue streams for the IP in question.

2021 proved to be a turbulent year for Street Fighter: Duel developer Tencent, with regulatory changes and a lengthy licensing freeze leading to the company losing its status as China’s biggest company. However, the company is still far from failure, with a slate of titles gearing up for international release.

We listed Tencent as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022.