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Digital Turbine spins with Ron Alinin on user acquisition

Digital Turbine’s Ron Alinin talks with us at PGC Helsinki about non-intrusive ads and the benefits for both sides of the advertiser and player divide to user acquisition.
Digital Turbine spins with Ron Alinin on user acquisition

Last month hosted Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, our biggest event yet in the Nordic regions. With thousands of attendees from nearly a hundred countries, we’ve had the chance to speak to and hear from some amazing people. We’ve been bringing you coverage of what you missed, and this time we sat down with Digital Turbine’s Ron Alinin to discuss user acquisition and less intrusive advertising.

So what is Digital Turbine? Well in his own words Ron described it thus, “Digital Turbine is the leading mobile growth platform offering a one-stop solution for advertisers and app developers, we offer both user acquisition solutions and ad monetisation.” Currently based in Austin, Texas, they were founded back in 2011 and have been going strong ever since.

Turning the Turbine

As we discussed with Ron, the biggest theme was that of non-intrusive advertising and digital growth. “We have all the tools to keep it as native as possible,” he said about in-game advertising. By keeping it non-intrusive the intent is to make it more appealing to players, since it will feel more natural for them to engage with something that fits the theme of the game rather than something which takes them out of it. “Putting the user in the centre and trying not to interrupt the users when they’re playing a game or using an app,” as Ron put it.

“Another big change we’re seeing recently is in the mediation space,” he spoke to us at length about how user data is increasingly at risk with the consolidation of small developers under larger ones and the conflicts of interest that arise. “These days more than ever, there is a true need for an unbiased growth platform, that its sole mission is to help advertisers grow their business without any tradeoffs.”


We’ve previously benefited from reporting on Digital Turbine’s own App Habit Report about what gamers want to see before installing an app, and their work is as fascinating to read as it is to listen to. Our next big event is PGC Jordan, so we’ll hope to see you there for more amazing insights from a diverse array of individuals.