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DomiNations hits 12 million worldwide downloads in its first 5 months

Average player clocking 36 minutes in daily play
DomiNations hits 12 million worldwide downloads in its first 5 months

Nexon and Big Huge Games have announced that DomiNations has achieved 12 million downloads in its first 5 months on the App Store.

DomiNations is the brainchild of legendary Civilization II designer Brian Reynolds, and its focus on providing depth over and above the existing competition on mobile has clearly paid dividends.

It's not just in downloads that DomiNations is excelling, either. Player stats have revealed that the average DomiNations player logs in 4 to 6 times per day, totalling 36 minutes of average daily play.

This, for a free-to-play mobile game, is an impressive level of user engagement. 


DomiNations can also now boast a successful Asian launch, after the game's Korean release inspired downloads in excess of 1 million and a Top 10 Grossing Apps placing after only a week on the App Store and Google Play.

DomiNations’ massive success in the west and expansion into Asia with more than 1 million downloads in its first week is a testament to our vision at Nexon that great games have global appeal,” said Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney.

“Big Huge Games has developed and continues to build upon a fun and unique core gameplay experience that resonates with gamers no matter where they live and play.”

Only the beginning

By the same token, Big Huge Games CEO Tim Train was keen to point out the crucial role played by Nexon, and to highlight that DomiNations will continue to be supported with game-changing content updates.

“Collaborating with Nexon on DomiNations was critical to achieving this global success,” he said.

“The additions of the Korean nation and the Industrial era are just the beginning of what’s to come in DomiNations, and we’re working on a series of exciting new multiplayer features that will soon embroil the entire world in a war!”

DomiNations is available via the App Store and Google Play.