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Doodle Jump hits 3 million on App Store, claims Lima Sky

Up from 1 million back in December
Doodle Jump hits 3 million on App Store, claims Lima Sky
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The App Store continues to be a lucrative port of call for independent developers, with Doodle Jump studio Lima Sky announcing that downloads of the title have hit 3 million.

Given that Doodle Jump only surpassed sales of 1 million back in mid-December, that means downloads have accelerated to around 37,000 a day within the last two months. The title reportedly also made sales of 79,422 on Christmas day alone.

MobileCrunch estimates that the two brothers behind the title - Igor and Marko Pusenjak will have made around $2.08 million from its performance on the App Store so far.

As a result, Lima Sky states that Doodle Jump has become the most successful App Store release from an independent development house, the company expected to comment further in an official announcement to be made tomorrow.

Aiming high

Doodle Jump's success could well serve as an example for other studios looking to make their name on iPhone, the Pusenjak brothers having stated back in September that its simplicity has been key to its success.

"Doodle Jump has insanely addictive gameplay and is, as clichéd as it sounds, easy to learn and hard to master," said Igor Pusenjak, explaining why the title has proved popular.

"Being a simple pick-up-and-play type of a game, it is perfectly suited for the device, and the hand-drawn graphics appeal to most of the players. Additionally, we have been releasing regular updates and have been working hard on innovative ways to promote and market the game."

Keen to build on its continued momentum, Doodle Jump also recently launched on mobile and Android Market.