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Endemol Shine UK soft-launches new survival game starring Bear Grylls

Legendary Games, All 4 Games and Nelson X Creative Ltd also listed as a part of the project
Endemol Shine UK soft-launches new survival game starring Bear Grylls
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Apr 16, 2018 license All 4 Games Endemol Shine Gaming Legendary Games Not disclosed
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Independent publishing outfit Endemol Shine UK has soft-launched a new survival game in New Zealdn starring Bear Grylls.

The Island: Survival Challenge is a free-to-play simulation game that puts the player on a remote island and tasks them with the well-being of 20 other non-playable characters.

Island life is simulated with common day-to-day activities such as hunting for food and building camps, which are fully customisable.

The title features advice from Bear Grylls and brings three new survival challenges each day, along with the chance to level-up the islander’s skills to better equip them to survive.

Survival of the knowledgeable

Developer Legendary Games, services provider Nelson X Creative Ltd and publisher All 4 Games are also listed as involved in the project.

The title represents the first time the Bear Grylls IP has been used on mobile since a Flappy Birds clone called Air Bear Grylls hit the Android store in 2014.

The idea to attempt to recreate Flappy Bird was not uncommon back then with as many as 60 new Flappy Bird clones reportedly hitting the App Store every day at its peak.

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