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Epic Games hiring hundreds as full employees with benefit plans

QA testers make up bulk of hires
Epic Games hiring hundreds as full employees with benefit plans

Epic Games has revealed that it will hire hundreds of its temporary staff in North America as full employees with benefits.

Primarily, this means quality assurance testers will be hired as full employees. Other "eligible" employees who are contract-based are also being hired, according to the Fortnite developer. Full-time at-will employment is to come into effect as of April 4 2022.

The employee-facing memo from which this news comes noted that there are "a few exceptions" where people will not receive the offer; this will be in cases where it is preferable for both the individual and Epic Games for a contingent worker status to be maintained.

Bulking the team

A spokesperson for Epic Games, Elka Looks, said to The Verge that "a few hundred" people will be hired as direct employees of the company with "most but not all" being QA testers.

Looks added that those hired as direct employees will be eligible for employee benefits plans, and that temp workers for "short-term needs" will still be hired where required.

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