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Epic Games unveils simultaneous multi-user editing for Unreal Engine 4.22

Google Stadia support out now
Epic Games unveils simultaneous multi-user editing for Unreal Engine 4.22

Epic Games has unveiled Unreal Engine 4.22 which brings with it a set of new updates and features for developers.

The biggest addition from the list of new features was simultaneous multi-user editing, allowing developers to make changes to a project within Unreal at the same time. The tool is currently in early access.

Support for Google’s new streaming platform Stadia was revealed, with all features available across any device now available in Unreal Engine. 

A new animation sharing plugin was included that will reduce the overall amount of animation work required by a group of actors, according to the firm. The design is based on the Master-Pose Component system.

165 per cent build time increase

Along with this, Epic noted that build time speed had been increased by up to 165 per cent, while there have also been improvements to the performance of mesh drawing, and it has added the ability to perform real-time ray tracing.

The full list of features can be seen here.

Epic recently hosted its State of Unreal keynote at GDC where it revealed a new free Online Services platform that helps developers to launch, operate and scale their games. At the same event, the firm launched a $100 million MegaGrants funding initiative for creators.

Epic Unreal Evangelist Christian Allen will be a speaker at PC Connects Seattle 2019, which takes place on May 13th to 14th.