Keynote: Delivering High End Games To Mainstream Audiences

Join Jeremy Lewis, CEO of industry juggernaut Big Fish, as he introduces us to NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil to discuss tapping the mainstream with high end games.

Other speakers include

Dave Roberts
CEO, PopCap Games
10 Things I Hate About ...

Paul Thelen
Founder, Big Fish Games
Casual Games on Mobile

Andrew Sheppard
Chief Product Officer, Kabam
Who Needs Virality?

Gareth Davis
Platform Manager, Facebook
Social Games on Mobile

Sean Ryan
Director, Games, Facebook
Social Games Ecosystem

Jens Begeman
CEO, wooga
Making Every Game a
Success Story

Peter Vesterbacka
The Mighty Eagle, Rovio
Making Your IP Work for You

Steve Meretzky
Dave Rohrl
Social Games Year

Thomas Chung
VP, GM, The Playforge
Harvesting your iOS Game

Jesse Redniss
Gamification & SocialTV

Vivian Lee
Director of Strategic Partnerships, EA Interactive
Big Mobile Brands