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F2P Summit is a new one-day conference and networking event.

Freemium is a hot topic in at the moment sparking a lot of debate within the game development community. The F2P Summit is a unique event that explores all aspects of F2P from the developer's point of view, offers practical advice and an opportunity to hear from studios who have built successful businesses on this model.

Created with independent developers, traditional publishers, IP and media owners plus brand marketers in mind, topics will include:

User acquisition
Effective methods of customer retention
Community management
Monetising your business models
The difference between the App Store and Google Marketplace
Here's the benefits for indie developers:
Access to real data in order to ensure your making the best and most informed business decisions.
Explore the potential for developing apps for new, less saturated markets and territories.
Hear what works (and what doesn't) first hand from the freemium market leaders.
Learn about new and alternate revenue streams within the world of freemium games.
Learn how to get customers, keep them, and cross promote between your products to maximise your ARPU.