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Explore current and upcoming Global Trends at PG Connects London!

Don’t miss out on hearing from experts on current and upcoming global trends this February
Explore current and upcoming Global Trends at PG Connects London!

Looking to learn about current and future global trends? Look no further than Pocket Gamer Connects London.

On February 14th to 15th, we’re bringing together the games industry to collaborate, network and discuss current and future trends for the industry at our renowned conference series, Pocket Gamer Connects. This hybrid event will welcome 1500 games industry professionals from across the globe as well as 225 expert speakers discussing the most significant topics in the industry today.

Today, we’re focusing on a track dedicated to facts, figures and insights from the latest industry trends across the globe. Our Global Trends track has long been covering case studies and growing trends across the world and bringing together experts from all corners of the world to educate us on what we might not yet know about their market.

This track is essential for all those of us that are looking to learn more about key territories to consider expanding into as well as those looking for a more thorough understanding of key global markets. We will be looking into how gamemakers across the globe are engaging the next generation of gamers, the state of mobile gaming worldwide in 2022 and how global phenomena such as PUBG Mobile are changing the game.

Speaking of game changers, we want to give a massive thank you to our fantastic track sponsor, Odeeo, for supporting the conference and this track. Their incredible audio ad platform connects advertisers to the world’s 2.7 billion mobile gamers through enhancing the player experience with non-intrusive audio ads that are revolutionising in-game auditory advertising.

Keep reading to see a schedule detailing what this track is all about.

Global Trends: February 14

8:30 - Doors open and we’re introduced to the track by Brain Baglow from our fantastic track sponsor Odeeo.

9:20 - Kicking off the track are Steel Media’s Dave Bradley as well as B7 Media’s Helen Quigley and Andrew Mark Sewell discussing growing IP & fandom across mediums on a fireside chat.

9:40 - Next up, Shanti Bergel from Transcend Fund is presenting ‘Games: A 50 Year Overnight Success Story’.

10:00 - TBA

10:20 - We’re diving into the global phenomenon that is the Metaverse and NFTs in this enlightening conversation with Alun Evans of Freeverse, discussing living assets and evolutive NFTs that don’t turn gamers into gamblers.

10:40 - Next up is a session on how we can continue to engage the wider public as the gaming sphere grows into mainstream media. Learn about grassroot gaming and how we can engage the next generation through games from a fantastic panel moderated by Gary Pope from Kids Industries. The panel will feature Hiro Capital’s Spike Laurie, Avatar Games’ Eamonn Vann-Harris, Yaldi Games’ Elena Höge, Kuato Studio’s Sam Musset-Harford and Tower Studios’ Jon Hare.

11:20 - Join Karl Knights from App Annie as he shares insights on how to decode the secrets of gaming success and delight your players in 2022 with his session: ‘Let’s State of Mobile Gaming 2022’.

11:40 - How exactly did PUBG Mobile become a cultural phenomenon in Turkey? Find out from Aras Senyuz from Tencent Global Games as he discusses how PUBG Mobile TR became a global success case study.

12:00 - Finally, we’re finishing up the track with a panel discussing whether UGCs can change the market. The panel will be moderated by YAHAHA’s Patty Toledo, will feature FGL’s Martine Spaans and more.

This is just a taste of the 20 tracks that we have lined up for the London conference. Don’t miss out on viewing the conference schedule to get a glimpse at everything we have to offer at PG Connects London, which was just revealed this week.

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We have both digital and in-person tickets available on our website now, don’t forget to buy your tickets now if you haven’t already to secure your place at our February conference. Keep in mind that we have discounted tickets available for indie developers and students as well.

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