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Final hours of PG & VR Connects London 2017 Early Bird tickets - 1 ticket, 2 events

Grab a discount AND get two conferences for the price of one
Final hours of PG & VR Connects London 2017 Early Bird tickets - 1 ticket, 2 events

You sometimes get 2-for-1 deals that don't appear very sensible.

Like, say, a South African great white shark freediving experience that comes packaged with a free supply of chum-infused wetsuits.

Our offers make a lot more sense.

That's why anyone with a ticket for Pocket Gamer Connects London 2017 also gets full access to our brand new VR Connects London 2017. And vice versa.

On our standard full term tickets that's an average saving of $438 (shooting up to $1,500 on the premium options).

To cap it off, you're still in time to secure your entry at Early Bird rates.

For the past three years, our PGC conferences have earned their reputation as unmissable events for members of the mobile games industry looking to learn from leading experts, network with a genuine full cross-section of this sector and boost their business opportunities. We hear it from our delegates, time and again, at every one of our PGCs.

New kid on the VR block

Which is precisely why it's the formula we're applying for VRC, albeit with an obvious focus on the VR, AR, and MR industry (while also extending the scope beyond mobile and games). If that's an area you're involved in, regardless of platform and genre, you'll want to come check out our inaugural event.

We think there's a crossover there that will make very good sense to a very good many of you. If that's not you yet, though, no drama. For now you still get to pick the conference that suits and benefit from that Early Bird opportunity.

And once in London you can always pop into the other event to test the waters – no-one will bite.

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