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Fireproof Games prepares for the tenth anniversary of The Room

The cross-platform hit will be on sale across platforms in September
Fireproof Games prepares for the tenth anniversary of The Room
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Fireproof Games’ hit puzzle title The Room is preparing for its tenth anniversary in September, and the developer has announced that they will be celebrating the milestone with a month-long sale of the series on mobile, Steam, and Switch.

The franchise has become a global hit thanks to its intriguing and mysterious storyline and intricate puzzles. The first game, The Room, has been downloaded over 18 million times across platforms, and been the recipient of numerous awards including Apple Game of the Year and the 2013 BAFTA award for Best British Game.

“As a small independent game developer, the biggest joy of all is hearing the feedback from our players,” said Fireproof Games co-founder Barry Meade. “Ten years on, we're delighted to still be here to share a milestone moment with the fans who have given us so much.”

Intricate design

The Room franchise has spawned a wave of similar games, such as House of Da Vinci, which have a focus on utilising the tactile experience of touch screens in their puzzles. The success of the franchise has led to Fireproof becoming one of the highest rated developers on mobile, Steam, and Meta Quest. The company has also released a VR title in the series, A Dark Matter, bringing the worlds of mobile and VR closer than ever before.

Fireproof is no doubt expecting a fresh influx of downloads due to the sale, as the first two games in the series saw high downloads in their first years thanks to the heavy discounts they received in this time. The first three games of the series each generated $3.3 million in revenue within a year of their respective releases, which is especially notable in the case of the original game which was developed on a budget of just £160,000 ($203,103) and was downloaded almost seven million times as of October 2016.

As part of the sale, the first two games will be discounted by between 80% and 85% between September 1 and September 2022.