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FunPlus launches its transparent PublishingPlus initiative for all F2P devs

Available for any game at any stage of development
FunPlus launches its transparent PublishingPlus initiative for all F2P devs

Chinese/US outfit FunPlus has just launched a new platform which aims to make the process of publishing mobile games that bit easier.

The company has pulled the cloak on PublishingPlus, a free-to-play game publishing platform that provides a “simple” and “transparent” alternative for developers with a flat revenue split and tiered milestone system.

PublishingPlus has been created with the aim of lowering barriers to entry for developers in to the industry, and removes all the negotiation and paperwork usually required to publish on iOS and Android.

Fun + Publishing = PublishingPlus

Created by the former manager of the App Store games section at Apple, Greg Essig, the platform claims to provide developers with a “wide range of financial and operational support… throughout all stages of their game’s lifecycles.”

If developers meet the goals of their tiered milestone system, the program will cover launch finances and provide operational support – including guidance in art, design, analytics, marketing and technical details.

This also means that developers can apply for one of five tiers, depending on the status of their project - from concept to soft launch. 

But more simply, the process potentially breaks down like this:

  • 100% upfront financial support from concept to launch
  • 50/50 split of the net revenue
  • Global marketing & operations on iOS & Android
  • Developer’s continued ownership of their IP

"PublishingPlus is a major step into the future of mobile game publishing," said FunPlus co-founder and CEO Andy Zhong in a statement.

"The current market has let too many great games fall by the wayside due to uncertainty.

"By eliminating that confusion and offering FunPlus' wealth of experience and resources, we hope to change this trend so that talented developers have a chance to shine."

You can find out more details about PublishingPlus via its website.