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Game Connection America 2020 is postponed due to coronavirus concerns

The event was due to happen next week in San Francisco
Game Connection America 2020 is postponed due to coronavirus concerns
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Game Connection America 2020 is the latest event to be cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

As reported by, an email has been sent to attendees apologising for the last-minute cancellation. Its reasons for doing so are to be under the latest recommendations from the California Department of Public Health.

"Our entire team has been working hard the last six months to prepare Game Connection America, all signage has been printed, and the Oracle Park and the TableTop Tap House have been reserved along with a lot of services," reads the email.

"Let's Meet will stay open for all five days as planned (March 16-20). We encourage those of our participants who will not be in San Francisco to use the 'Custom Virtual Location' to schedule meetings on Let's Meet.

"For those who will be in San Francisco, please use the 'Custom Location' to re-schedule your meetings at the location that suits your business partners and yourself the best."

This change is a surprise due to the event being confirmed to go ahead last week.

Epidemic concerns

Several industry events have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This week alone, both SXSW 2020 and the Minecraft Festival were cancelled. Before this, GDC 2020 was officially postponed – several companies including EA had already dropped out. The Mobile World Congress was also cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Despite Los Angeles entering a state of emergency, E3 is still scheduled to take place. However, Iam8bit has pulled out of the event.

Several companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Facebook and Google have recommended that their employees work from home. However, two Microsoft employees have contracted the coronavirus.

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