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GameAnalytics launches mediation platform HyperBid

Promises developers will get the highest bid from the highest offer every time
GameAnalytics launches mediation platform HyperBid

Player analysis platform GameAnalytics has launched HyperBid, a new mediation platform for mobile game publishers and developers.

HyperBid aims to allow developers and publishers to increase their ad revenues as well as drive business growth.

HyperBid is currently in an open beta stage and provides several features tailored to mobile games advertising.

The platform has over 30 integrations with leading global networks across both Western and Eastern markets.

In addition to a cash bonus investment into the growth of monetisation campaigns, early users of the HyperBid platform will receive six months of free access to other GameAnalytics offerings, including GameIntel and data services.

We also spoke to GameAnalytics' founder Morten Wulff to get more details.  What exactly is mediation in terms of advertising?

Morten Wulff: Mediation allows a mobile game to work with multiple ad networks to easily fill their game’s ad space/placements.

The HyperBid platform connects to ad networks and takes care of the selection of the highest ad bids, so that the app developer can make the most revenue. It basically aims to simplify and maximise ad monetisation for mobile game developers.

Why is it important to developers?

It’s how their games make money! So it’s important that their mediation platform is connected to a global pool of ad networks to ensure a range of bids, and that it ensures maximum revenue for the developer.

HyperBid makes sure that the highest bid wins, every time.

How can developers/publishers use Hyperbid to increase revenue?

By opening up mobile games to global demand for their ad space, with HyperBid, developers increase their ad revenue potential.

While other mediation players overlook smaller developers, the HyperBid team has a strong developer focus and is invested in the growth of developers and publishers irrespective of their size. HyperBid is not affiliated with any network and hence it focuses solely on maximising developer revenue.

HyperBid has been created by the GameAnalytics team, hence it’s a natural extension of our mission to help game devs grow and maximise revenue. In addition to our ecosystem of analytics products for game developers, in launching HyperBid we want to help them build successful, scalable and profitable mobile gaming businesses.