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GameDuell - same passion, different logo

German outfit rebrands for 10th anniversary
GameDuell - same passion, different logo

Ten years is worth celebrating in style and German casual and mobile outfit GameDuell has taken the opportunity to tidy up its corporate image.

It's keeping the concept of flame and fire - representing what it calls its "unbridled passion for game development and game experience" - just updating the look.

Fanning the flames

Set up as a casual online portal offering a variety of multiplayer games, events, rankings and tournaments - all underpinned by a sophisticated skill matching system - GameDuell has been cautiously moving into mobile games in recent years.

Off with the old (above), on with the new (below)
Off with the old (above), on with the new (below)

This is part of its vision to offer a seamless playing experience, something it's backing with a recruitment drive for game development and design, technology, data analysis, product management, graphic design and project management experts.

You can find more details about open positions here.