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FY15 Q2 sales drop 5% to $69 million as Gameloft hit by a 17% decline in DAUs

Sales don't match downloads
FY15 Q2 sales drop 5% to $69 million as Gameloft hit by a 17% decline in DAUs
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French mobile publisher Gameloft (EPA:GFT) has announced its FY15 H1 financials, for the 6 months ending 30 June 2015.

Sales were $142 million (€127 million), up 15% year-on-year, although only up 6% on a constant-exchange-rate basis.

Q2 sales for the April-June period were $69 million (€61.9 million).

This up 12% year-on-year, (or 3% on a constant-exchange-rate basis), but down 5% on a quarterly basis compared to €65.5 million booked in FY15 Q1.

As per France's opaque accounting rules, Gameloft won't announces its profits until 9 September.

Player decline

During the period - in which it released 9 new games - Gameloft was the #1 games company globally in terms of App Store and Android Play downloads.

However, it's not yet turning this download volume into strong F2P revenues.

Indeed, it's now starting to lose player numbers as new games such as Ice Age Avalanche and Siegefall - as analysed by our IAP Inspector - fail to connect in a competitive market.

<em>Siegefall</em> - not yet a F2P hit
Siegefall - not yet a F2P hit

Compared to Q1, Gameloft saw a 10% decline in monthly active players to 162 million and a 17% decline in daily active players to 19 million.

Sales were split 30% in Europe (up 1% compared to Q1); North America 27% (down 2%); APAC 28% (up 2%); and LATAM 15% (as in Q1).

Anything new?

In terms of turning the situation around, Gameloft points to the release of a further eight and ten new titles by the end of 2015.

In terms of revenue, it also says sales at its newly set up in-house digital ad agency have increased significantly in the second quarter of 2015 and are "in line with the company's expectations".

"Gameloft has a massive audience, strong brands, solid recurring revenues, growth opportunities ahead and a healthy financial situation," said CEO Michel Guillemot.

"We therefore continue to look to the future with confidence."


[source: Gameloft]