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Execution Labs launches GamePlaySpace to coalesce Montreal indie game devs

The non-profit will unite indie studios under one roof
Execution Labs launches GamePlaySpace to coalesce Montreal indie game devs

The Montreal games community has today been met with a new co-working space built specifically for game developers.

GamePlay Space (GPS) has opened its doors as a non-profit collaborative venture that offers meeting rooms, event venues, freelancers, and co-working space for upcoming studios.

By encouraging the Montreal games industry to unite under one roof, GPS hopes to promote a spirit of community and cross-pollination of ideas.

The initiative is the lovechild of Execution Labs, Concordia University and Montreal’s indie game scene.

Communal developing

Jason Della Rocca of Execution Labs and the GPS Board’s president heralded the scheme as “a platform to drive the commercial success and sustainability of the [Montreal gaming] community as a whole.”

Spaceteam developer Henry Smith, Norsfell Games and Clever Endeavour Games have already signed up.

A local women-in-games initiative, Pixelles, will also be working closely with GamePlay Space in the coming months.

Ville de Montréal has thrown $94,000 behind GPS already. Indeed, Montreal’s VP of information technology and smart city initiatives, Harout Chitilian, was full of praise for the initiative.

"This project is directly answering the needs of the young and dynamic scene of game developers in need of a collaborative and stimulating space,” he said, “while developing Montreal's expertise in creativity and innovation."

You can find out more details here