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Gamevil's Air Penguin does 13 million downloads across iOS and Android

Success from $10 million Partner Fund
Gamevil's Air Penguin does 13 million downloads across iOS and Android

Demonstrating that the simplest games are often the most popular, Korean publisher Gamevil has announced that Air Penguin has done over 13 million downloads in the eight months since it was released.

Previously best known for its hardcore RPGs, the casual ice hopping game was developed by third party studio Enterfly.

It launched on iOS with a 99c and a free Lite version, generating $1 million within its first month.

The big boost of downloads came with the free-to-play Android version, however. It's currently listed as having received between 5 and 10 million downloads on Android Market.

The game is monetised as players can buy fish as in-app purchases to unlock levels and gain customisation options.

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"Such positive records exemplify what's possible with mobile game know-how and the ability to leverage our sizable fan base across many titles," said Youn-Il Jung, Gamevil's publishing manager.

"We continue to have high hopes for Air Penguin and our published titles under the Gamevil Partner Fund."

The fund is a $10 million-strong initiative from the company to sign up content from third parties studios.

"Partnering with Gamevil in planning and development has brought out the strength of both companies, and we will work together for Air Penguin's continued success," added Enterfly's CEO Junhee Lee.

[source: Gamevil]