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German dev Flaregames hits 100 staff, still hiring, still 'asshole free'

60% still working directly on game development
German dev Flaregames hits 100 staff, still hiring, still 'asshole free'

German developer-cum-publisher Flaregames has announced its headcount has now hit 100 employees, with the firm claiming it's managed to stay "asshole free", despite such growth.

The firm – which is behind self-developed games like  Royal Revolt 2 – says 60 percent of its workforce still work directly on game development, despite the company's movement into publishing - it published Remedy's Agents of Storm - and strong recruitment for its marketing department.

'Developer at heart'

"We're growing very fast but we're still focused on maintaining an open company culture and a sustainable business. Our elaborate hiring process helps keeping the company a**hole-free," said Klaas Kersting, founder and CEO.

"We're investing heavily in publishing structures, personnel as well as technology, in order to cope with the pipeline of upcoming high profile games.

"Yet, we still are a developer at heart and will continue to build our own games as well."

<em>Royal Revolt 2 - </em>Flaregames' original IP franchise is going strong
Royal Revolt 2 - Flaregames' original IP franchise is going strong

Flaregames says the majority of its workforce operate from its HQ in Karlsruhe, although the German company also has a studio in Frankfurt.

As part of its recruitment drive, it's boosted its management team, and announced the hiring of growth hacking specialist Pascal Clarysse and Plants vs. Zombies 2 lead designer Borja Guillan Alvarez.

Moving into a new office in 2015 to accommodate further growth, Flaregames is still hiring with a dozen open positions.