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Gingee rolls out very cross-platform development technology

Promises to support all current and future devices
Gingee rolls out very cross-platform development technology

In an increasingly omni-direction content world, cross-platform development remains one of the trickiest issues for developers.

It's an issue that Israeli startup Gingee is looking to solve with the release of its new 2D-focused solution that's been two years in the making.

One tools to rule them

Promising to run on all platforms, devices and operating systems including mobile, PC, Mac, tablets, web, smart TV etc, a key component is its Liquid UI technology.

This analyses how onscreen objects and the user interface are related, mapping them in a consistent manner no matter the screen size.

Of course, this sort of translation does come at a cost but Gingee reckons it can deliver 'near native performance', as well as future-proofing games and apps in terms of new hardware. 

Also included within the solution are social, monetisation and analytics features, a drag-and-drop editor, and the ability to use your own choice of development environment, SDKs or custom plug-ins.

You can see how Gingee works in the following video, or check out more information via the website.