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Gismart experiences success with three new titles

Pencil Rush 3D, Warp Slider and Hidden Objects were launched in February
Gismart experiences success with three new titles
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Mobile games specialist Gismart had a successful month in February as it launched three new titles.

The first game was a hypercasual title dubbed Pencil Rush 3D, which managed to crack the US top free games chart. Furthermore, within two weeks of launch, the game racked up 6.5 million installs.

Meanwhile, another hypercasual game, Warp Slider, managed to hit the US top 20 free games chart.

Finally, the third title to be released by Gismart in February was Hidden Objects, and it falls under the puzzle genre.

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"We recently made some changes in our hypercasual department, and we are happy to witness positive outcomes already," said Gismart VP of business development and publishing Lana Meisak.

"It's been great to see our newly released titles consistently reaching the top charts. Our pipeline of upcoming releases looks pretty busy, and we are positive we can keep launching hit games."

Last year, the London-based company made a call for hypercasual partnerships to bring games to market at a quicker pace.