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glispa gNative ad platform accesses half the world's smartphone users

New native ad platform comes out of Beta
glispa gNative ad platform accesses half the world's smartphone users

Berlin-based mobile marketing firm glispa has supersized its mobile userbase, claiming that developers now have access to over half the world’s smartphone users through its gNative advertising platform.

Having recently scored $77 million investment from Market Tech Holdings, gNative is glispa’s new ad solution that is said to increase customer value through native ad placement.

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In the last quarter, gNative has enjoyed a rip-roaring Beta period that saw its reach increase from 643 million mobile users to over a billion, while glispa claims it holds the record for largest native CPI supply in the mobile industry.

gNative aims to work by increasing high quality engagements and conversions measured by post-install events. That is, it charts successful interaction through in app purchases, subscriptions and the like.

Each transaction is optimized via glispa’s Quality Optimization Engine (QOE) - glispa’s business intelligence tool that delivers advertisers quality traffic and turns big data into valuable, actionable metrics.

The idea is that as gNative adoption increases, revenue should increase as clients continue to see growth in conversions and installs, proving an increase in advertising efficiency from gNative’s scalable programmatic buying for native ad environments.