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Global Top Round’s $300,000 accelerator program is open for submissions

Accelerator invites small studios to apply in its fourth consecutive program
Global Top Round’s $300,000 accelerator program is open for submissions

Global Top Round’s fourth accelerator program has opened up to small studios worldwide

The application period ends August 19th, and is open to indie studios comprised of around one to ten staff. All submitting studios must have a playable game/demo build developed, with intentions to launch by mid-2019

A total of 20 games will be selected and invited to attend the GTR 2018 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 27-28th. 10 select finalists will move forward into the accelerator program. These 10 studios will be eligible to receive $40,000 USD in direct investments, guidance and exposure.

Big spender

Projects of significant promise stand to receive additional direct investments of up to $300,000 from GTR. The program says there is no limit to the number of studios that could receive this investment, as it seeks projects of substantial potential, and talented teams and individuals to believe in.

“We put our greatest efforts into identifying talent and building trust with the studios,” says Global Top Round CEO, Danny Woo. “We’re prepared to go the extra mile once we’ve found the right team.”

Global Top Round COO Rick Nahm added: “"We have an impressive mix of both Western and Eastern publishers keen to review our games. They take us seriously because we’ve proven of what we can offer, and we try to work very closely with them."

Developers looking to submit to the accelerator can do so at the GTR website here.