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GOAT Games obtains licence for Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter Franchise

The franchise’s fifth entry was Gameloft’s highest ever revenue generating game at launch
GOAT Games obtains licence for Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter Franchise

Chinese developer and publisher GOAT Games has obtained the licence for the next game in Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter franchise, due for release later this year.

The game will follow in the footsteps of the franchise’s previous titles, including the series’ traditional hack’n’slash gameplay. However, it will build upon these key pillars with updated visuals, co-operative gameplay, and character customisation. Additionally, new features will be added after launch to improve the gameplay experience.

"Today is a day millions of Dungeon Hunter fans – myself included – have been dreaming about shortly after the release of Dungeon Hunter 5 back in 2015," said GOAT Games vice president Machine Ma. "We are driven to create a game that not only caters to Dungeon Hunter fans, but also offers a unique action RPG experience that will keep players engaged and excited for years to come!"

"Dungeon Hunter is one of our longest-running series and we're thrilled to be working with GOAT Games to create the next mainline game," said Gameloft chief sales officer Guilherme Lachaut. "With an already impressive stable of games like Dragon Storm Fantasy, we're confident they will be able to produce a Dungeon Hunter experience that fans of the series are going to love."

A history of success

Since the release of the original Dungeon Hunter in 2009, the franchise has reached more than 120 million downloads worldwide. Following the release of Dungeon Hunter 5 in 2015, Gameloft quickly identified it as “highest ever revenue-generating game at launch,” highlighting its success.

Although the mobile game space has historically seen hypercasual reign supreme, more and more game makers are shifting their focus towards a hybridcasual model, while RPG’s were identified as the most profitable genre of them all in 2022. This displays a clear appetite for more games such as Dungeon Hunter among consumers, and time will tell whether or not the newest entry in the franchise will exceed its predecessors.

Earlier this month, Gameloft published a report examining the effect of ad length on purchasing intent.