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Six! developer Gram Games officially opens London studio to focus on midcore

Shifting genres, moving headquarters
Six! developer Gram Games officially opens London studio to focus on midcore
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Gram Games has officially opened its new London office.

The studio hopes to grow to 40 to 50 employees within a six to 12 month period.

It is actively looking to recruit talent for midcore projects - a diversification from the puzzle games for which it is known.

Gram Games, founded in Istanbul, was down to its last $15,000 when it launched the puzzle game 1010! in 2014.

But after enormous success with that title and two follow-ups that quickly reached millions of players, Merged! and the recently-launched Six!, it's now sitting pretty on 75 million downloads.

Still pushing

The firm is now looking to expand its portfolio with higher production values and longer development cycles. The London studio is a key part of this plan.

“Our intention is to become an iconic game studio of the mobile era and beyond," said Alex Willink, Gram Games' Head of Strategic Partnerships.

"We will continue to develop casual titles, [and] some of our existing team and new hires will be focusing on midcore titles to diversify our portfolio.

"What do we mean by midcore? Games that have a longer development time and focus on IAP as main monetisation method."

Indeed, up to this point, in-game advertisements have been the primary source of revenue for Gram Games.

London calling

"We have great ambitions, and we want to see them realised," Willink goes on.

"We’re looking to leverage our success in casual puzzle games sector and apply everything we’ve learnt to this new venture, while recruiting stand out talent to help build the future of Gram Games.”

In an interview with, Willink also revealed that this new studio is actually intended to become Gram Games' new headquarters - "both financially and in terms of our existing IP.”

You can read more about Gram Games' flat management structure and unique company culture here.

Current vacancies at the new London studio can be viewed here.

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