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GreenPark Sports opens new virtual space for NBA fans

"The metaverse for sports fans"
GreenPark Sports opens new virtual space for NBA fans
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Fan-focused mobile games firm GreenPark Sports has opened a new virtual space for NBA fans.

Described as "the metaverse for sports fans," NBA Land will enable basketball fans to join in-app NBA events, enter dance battles, support their favourite teams and win virtual prizes.

Such in-app events include live events, where fans can gather virtually to watch jumbotrons showing real-time scoreboards.

Furthermore, there will be prediction battles for NBA matches. Meanwhile, the exclusive virtual prizes may include limited-edition jerseys, hats and shoes.


"Since announcing our partnership with the NBA in Dec. 2020, we've been looking forward to expanding our sports metaverse to include basketball fans," said Ken Martin, Co-Founder and CEO at GreenPark.

"GreenPark is committed to our vision for the Future of Fandom, and we look forward to seeing how the sports community embraces this new way to celebrate their favourite NBA players and teams."

It was confirmed back in December that GreenPark Sports had formed a multi-year partnership with the NBA.