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Your guide to the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2024

How you can help celebrate the best of the global mobile games industry
Your guide to the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2024

Want to know everything about the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2024 in association with Gamelight but are too busy to ask?

Hold our handset. 

You'll find a fair few words below, but the short version is that it is time to once again shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of our fine industry over the past year 18 months (a change from the typical April date, see) and, as ever, we turn to you for the nomination phase of our awards.

Let's rattle through…

What are the PG Mobile Games Awards?

Now in their seventh edition, the PG Mobile Games Awards have been recognising the top industry talent since 2018.

As you’ll spot on the nomination page, these awards aim to represent the key players right across the industry, from the games developers and publishers to the tools companies, service providers and recruiters that all make this sector the largest and most pervasive in gaming.

How do I nominate and am I eligible?

To nominate your company and/or game, or to submit on someone else’s behalf, scan the guide below to spot the awards the game and/or company is eligible for. You can lobby for a game, service, or company in as many categories as you like.

Once you’re ready, head on over to our submission page which will guide you through the process.

The period for consideration applicable to most categories is January 2023 to June 2024. Activity during this window is therefore eligible for submission (exceptions are noted in the category descriptions).

Please note that nominating does not guarantee a place on the list of finalists.

Oh, and rather crucial: the deadline for submissions is 23:59 BST, Monday, June 17th.

What are the categories?

We get into them in proper detail further down, but if you’re after a quick glimpse, here are the 23 categories for the seventh Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards:

  1. Pocket Gamer People's Choice [nominations now open]
  2. Best Advertising & UA Service
  3. Best Analytics/Data Tool
  4. Best Storytelling
  5. Best Payment Service Provider [new for 2024]
  6. Best Game Engine/Creation Platform [revised for 2024]
  7. Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment
  8. Best Service Provider
  9. Best AppGallery Game
  10. Best Tool Provider
  11. Best Developer
  12. Rising Star
  13. Best Live Ops
  14. Best QA & Localisation Service Provider
  15. Best PR/Marketing Team
  16. Best Indie Developer
  17. Best App Store [revised for 2024]
  18. Best Business Support Service [new for 2024]
  19. Best Publisher
  20. Best AI Games Tech [revised for 2024]
  21. Most Impactful Web3 Company
  22. Game of the Year
  23. Mobile Legend

What happens after the nomination phase?

Once the lobbying deadline passes, the team will whittle down the longlist to a shortlist. These are the finalists that are then voted on.

Last year's opening of the voting phase to the whole industry proved so successful that we're doing it again for 2024 – we consider it one way of making things more inclusive. (Details of the voting process will be communicated via once things kick off on June 24th.)

The finalists who receive the most votes will be named the winner of their category, which will be announced during the Mobile Games Awards event (see below).

As ever, the Mobile Legend award, which recognises an industry icon for their lifetime achievements, will be specially chosen by the team here at Steel Media.

When and where will the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards be held?

The Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards take place on Tuesday, August 20th, 2024 in Cologne – just in time for this year's Gamescom.

How can I attend?

PG Mobile Games Awards 2024 tickets are live and can be booked here.

What if I want to sponsor the event?

For sponsorship details, please email Steel Media CEO Chris James at (If you're wondering, you can't buy a win!)

And if I want to know more about each category?

Of course. Here’s the full category guide for this year's Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards…

1. Pocket Gamer People’s Choice
This is the only award nominated and voted for by consumers and recognises the best new game that received a full release during January 2023 to June 2024. This award will be open for voting through, with the winner revealed on the night of the ceremony. Nominations are now live.

2. Best Advertising And UA
This accolade is for companies that support the ecosystem through enabling user acquisition or monetisation through advertising and are helping to drive this fast-growing business in games and developers to acquire more users.

3. Best Analytics / Data Tool
Any company that supports developers and publishers develop their games and run marketing campaigns through analytics tools and/or providing data on market performance.

4. Best Storytelling
This award recognises games that show stellar writing and narrative design. To be eligible for this award, games must have been given a full release or, for titles released before this date, have received significant new content between January 2023 and June 2024.

5. Best Payment Service Provider
Celebrating the payment service provision that best supports game studios through its range of features and integrations geared towards a seamless payment experience and specifically suited to mobile gaming applications.

6. Best Game Engine / Creation Platform
This award is open to third-party tech companies that provide game engines or game creation platforms that are instrumental in enabling or powering mobile games development.

7. Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment
This accolade is for any game pushing the boundaries of the medium through audio and/or visual accomplishments. To be eligible for this award, games must have been given a full release (or received a significant and noteworthy expansion) between January 2023 and June 2024.

8. Best Service Provider
This award is for any third-party service provider or outsourcer that supports developers in making games, whether through art, audio, trailers, UX, web shop provision or other related services.

9. Best AppGallery Game
A new entry for 2024 and a special award designed in association with HUAWEI to specifically highlight the most impressive gaming experience available on the AppGallery platform, a global marketplace for Android devices since 2011.

10. Best Tool Provider
This award is open to any company providing dedicated tools for developers that assist in the running and support of games for mobile platforms. (This does not include game engines or creation tools – please see separate relevant category.)

11. Best Developer
Any mobile games company with 11 or more staff that has released a game, or successfully grown an existing game, between January 2023 and June 2024, as well as expanded their business and made an impact on the industry through innovation, creativity and other initiatives.

12. Rising Star
This special award recognises a person from any corner of the globe who has demonstrated a considerable amount of success, influence, and impact despite their relatively recent arrival within the mobile games industry.

13. Best Live Ops
This award recognises the impact of significant updates, in-game events, excellent community management, or esports activity between January 2023 and June 2024 for games released previously, that have helped take a game to the next level and sustain a title’s life.

14. Best QA + Localisation Service Provider
This accolade awards companies that have supported mobile games between January 2023 and June 2024 in the areas of quality assurance and localisation, ensuring that both new releases and updates go live with as few hiccups as possible, and are localised appropriately for target markets.

15. Best PR / Marketing Team
This award recognises the best third-party PR agency or internal marketing team that has created campaigns fuelling the growth of games between January 2023 and June 2024. This can be through any medium, including online, TV or other.

16. Best Indie Developer
This accolade recognises the achievements of a small team of developers that have released a game, or successfully grown an existing game, between January 2023 and June 2024. 

17. Best App Store
Google Play and Apple App Store may dominate, but third-party app stores become ever more important part of the industry as mobile continues its expansion into new markets. This award celebrates these other portals that have done the most to grow between January 2023 and June 2024.

18. Best Business Support Service
A new category for 2024, and one that aims to shine a spotlight on the often-overlooked companies that support the running of the games business through the provision of critical services such as legal, accounting, etc.

19. Best Publisher
Celebrating a company that has supported another developer in releasing a game on mobile devices between January 2023 and June 2024, whether through publishing support, marketing, co-development or investment.

20. Best AI Games Tech
"Alexa, which company over the January 2023 - June 2024 period has consistently delivered the most impressive set of AI-assisted tools for mobile game creation?"

21. Most Impactful Web3 Company
A new entry in 2023, this award recognises the company that has played the most active role in paving the road for the next World Wide Web over the past year.

22. Game of the Year
This award recognises the finest mobile gaming experience released over the past 18 months based on creativity, play mechanics, technological, artistic and aural achievement, innovation, audience engagement, and both critical and commercial success. To be eligible for this award, games must have been given a full release between January 2023 and June 2024.

23. Mobile Legend
This illustrious lifetime achievement award recognises a person from any mobile gaming territory who has achieved a considerable amount of success in their career and has acted as a pioneer in, and made an outstanding contribution to, the mobile games space. (The Mobile Legend is a special award, selected directly by the organisation committee of the Mobile Games Awards.)

Right, that's a wrap. Reminder that nominations are now open at, so get those submissions in!