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Hackers jailbreak the iPhone 3GS

The 'S' really does stand for 'speed'
Hackers jailbreak the iPhone 3GS

With each new operating system upgrade, iPhone users who prefer to run a jailbroken device must find themselves suffering from serious code fatigue.

There's always a delay between the official software update release and mobile freedom fighters getting all their homebrew applications back on their handsets. It's looking as though this jailbreak downtime could be significantly reduced with the 3.0 update, however.

The hacker group that originally identified the iPhone's boot ROM exploit (known as "24Kpwn") as stated this is a hole that Apple has so far failed to plug, meaning the previous jailbreaking method should still be valid.

By all accounts the team is working hard to adapt its existing jailbreaking tool to free the iPhone 3GS from the clutches of Apple and its exclusive service providers. Fast work, eh?